The Beormund is a charitable organisation and multi-use community centre providing a wide range of educational, training, social & cultural programmes and activities for the residents of Southwark, but particularly for people living in Bermondsey and Rotherhithe. The Beormund Centre is a safe, welcoming and accessible place with community facilties to meet the needs of all age groups, including an on site OFSTED registered nursery, Information Technology suites, training rooms, a dance studio, a fashion workshop, and a gym & fitness centre, as well as a reception & exhibition space, offices and a kitchen.

Our mission is to support our many diverse local residents and groups, particularly those people who are the most deprived, vulnerable, isolated and socially excluded, to improve their quality of life, to develop their basic and vocational training skills, and to assist them to become more active and healthy citizens. The Beormund acts as a vibrant community hub bringing together a range of advice and support services, promoting cross community cohesion and cultural interchange, and providing opportunities for volunteering and self help.

IF nursery is a small and friendly place based within the Beormund Community Centre.  We take a total of 20 children aged between 2 and 5 years at any session

The African Fashion Workshop is a 36 week course meeting once a week where students learn about African fashion and by the end of the course students are able to design and make clothing from scratch

Become a friend and get involved with activites at The Beormund Community Centre

Keep fit classes every Monday

The Gym has a range of execise bikes, treadmills, weight machines and a punch bag.

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